Are you a fan of Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, or Dungeons & Dragons? Don’t know how to play but want to learn? Nerdfest NH and Jetpack Comics have you covered! Learn to play OR play with advanced players in tournaments! Select one (or more!) of these add-on options when purchasing your admission tickets on Eventbrite.


This event will be on SUNDAY ONLY

Want to learn how to play this family favorite card game? Join us from 11 am to 1 pm on Sunday and we will teach you how to build a deck and how to play the game. Bring your own cards if you have them or we'll supply you a loaner deck. NO additional COST to join us for this event.


Join us at Nerdfest on Sunday for an 11:00 tournament where you will get the newest cards before they are on-sale anywhere to the public. Registration 10:00 am-10:45 am at the event or preregister online now. If you register online be sure to arrive by 11:00 to start building your deck.

Deck Building Starts at 11:00 am

ONLINE pre-registration for $26.99 or register at Jetpack Comics in person for $24.99

Your entry fee will get you one pre-release box which contains the following:

• A 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, including 1 of 4 alternate-art promo cards

• 4 Pokémon TCG: COSMIC ECLIPSE booster packs

• 1 deck-building tip sheet and we supply the energy

You will have 30 minutes to build a 40 card deck out of your pre-release pool (basic energies will be supplied for construction)
Tournament Structure: Players will use the cards from their pre-release packs to construct a 40 card deck. Games are played with 4 prize cards rather than the usual 6. Rounds will be single games and will be 20 minutes long. Basic energy cards are provided but must be returned.

*Please note that time limits will be adhered to.

Additional Prizes: Every player that plays in the tournament will receive THREE booster packs upon elimination from the tournament.


Thrones of Eldraine Booster Draft
SATURDAY ONLY 2pm - 6 pm

$15 PER PERSON gets you 3 packs of Thrones of Eldraine to draft.
Not familiar with booster draft style of play?
You can find the basics at:

With only a four hour window, build time and round time will be limited.

*Prize Pay out will be based on participation and include Jetpack store credit as well as special WotC promo packs. Watch this space for updates!



Learn-To-Play: 11AM-1PM Saturday only.



Advanced Play: 11AM-1PM Saturday only.



Ever wanted to fight a knight or sumo wrestle? Now’s your chance! Joust with a knight or suit up in a Sumo suit and give it your all!



Want to try your hand at being a comic artist? Emily Drouin will have her awesome Kid’s Corner on Saturday, so don’t forget to stop by!


Did your kid go off to college and leave all their old comics with you to clean out and organize? Did your friend give you a bunch of figures you don’t want? Is your home starting to look like a very cluttered comic book store? We’re here to help and happy to announce the Nerdfest NH Yard Sale!

This will be going on during the Fest. We ONLY accept vendors who are selling their old nerdy stuff…no resellers, direct sellers, retailers (unless it’s a thrift store), or crafters! Tables will be 10x12ft. and $65 each. You can buy multiple tables. Wifi will be available but electricity is limited.

We only have a VERY limited number of these tables so ACT NOW by clicking the link below!


Khepera Cosplay will be the featured Host of Nerdfest NH’s cosplay contest! Khepera is a published cosplayer who has won may awards in cosplay & fine art. Khepera is also a huge advocate for girls in math, science & engineering.

Some Cosplay-related awards that Khepera has won:
Boston Comic Con 2014 - Honorable Mention (Journeyman): Blink from X-men Days of Future Past

Granite State Comic Con 2014 - Judges Pick (Journeyman): Jareth from Labyrinth (Gender Bend)

Super Megafest Spring 2015 - 1st Place Group: Fish Mooney from Gotham

Double Midnight Free Comic Book Day 2015 - 2nd Place Woman's Division: Evil Lyn from He-Man, Masters of the Universe



Alazar Cosplay has been creating exciting and engaging cosplay content since 2015. A rising star in the New England cosplay scene, Alex can be seen portraying the classic Batman villain "The Penguin" at conventions and fundraisers. Cosplay is his favorite past-time. Instagram: @alazarcosplay



Cassadilla Cosplay is a mixed media artist who enjoys making props and crafting all kinds of nerdy items. In addition to costuming, she taught leatherworking for 5 years professionally, makes custom funko pops, and does annual 24 hours gaming marathons for charity. She's helped behind the scenes in cosplay contests for years, as well as competing in and judging them.



Cares O-Lot Cosplay has always had a passion for creating characters and making costumes since she was young. She has only been cosplaying for almost 4 years and has found a love for bringing her characters to life! She also enjoys drawing on cakes and is currently working on her own cake business when she is not working on new cosplays!

Cosplay  Contest Rules:

• This year's Nerdfest Cosplay Contest will be held Sunday October 27th at 2:30 pm.

Registration for the contest will be held Saturday October 26th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Sunday October 27th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am for last min registrations. No entrants will be allowed in the contest once registration ends.

• All entrants who have filled out the contest registration form will need to choose a pre-judging time. Please be at least 10 mins early for your pre-judging time slot. If you are late we can not guarantee that you will fit back into the schedule.

• This is a craftsmanship contest, meaning you will be judged on the quality of the costume YOU made. You may not enter a costume someone else constructed.

Pre-judging will take place Sunday October 27th 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

• All entrants in the contest MUST fill out a contest registration form. By filling out a contest registration form you are giving Nerdfest consent to take and post your pictures on their social media web sites.

• All entrants 15 years of age and younger MUST have a legal guardian's permission to enter the contest and that legal guardian must sign your registration form at the time of check-in and pre-judging. No Exceptions!

• All entrants in the contest MUST be at the cosplay contest location for line up and rundown, at 1:30 pm.

• All costumes must be at least 50% handmade or 75% altered. What is considered 50% and 75% is at the Judge's discretion.

• Each contestant MUST adhere to the weapons, props and harassment policies of Nerdfest.

• Each contestant will be given a maximum of one (1) minute on stage. Time allowance is subject to change due to the number of entrants.

• Surprise the audience and judges, not Nerdfest or Nerdfest organizers. Entrants who want to do something special on stage, please email Nerdfest at

• This is a Cosplay Contest, (cos for costume and play for acting), please be in "character" on stage. The Judges and the audience love it and it will get you more points.

• Judges decision's are finally. Please respect their decision. You may however, ask them for your scorecard and constructive criticism after the contest is over.

Thank you in advance for adhering to all of the contest rules. If you have any questions about these rules please feel free to contact us at or 603.969.7077


1. Juniors = 7-12
2. Novice = 13 and up
3. Intermediate = 13 and up
4. Master = 13 and up.

1. Juniors = $25
2. Novice = $50
3. Intermediate = $100
4. Master = $150
5. Best in Show = $300

Awards may be augmented by vendor gift certificate donations. Check in at Nerdfest Nh on Saturday October 26 for full value of prizes.

Sign ups will be Saturday October 26 and Sunday October 27. Sign ups must be done in person. You do not need to be in cosplay to sign up (but always encouraged).

Competition begins at 12pm (high noon) on Sunday October 27. Reminder that this is a family friendly event.

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